Struggling with wedding indecision?

Feeling pulled in 5 different directions?

This guide will help you quickly find the best wedding experience for you, create a vision, and stick to itso that you can...
✔️prevent regret
✔️confidently begin your wedding planning
✔️and have the most incredible day

With the Find Your Vibe Wedding Guide as your compass...


  • Identifying the perfect kind of wedding for you in under an hour

  • Discovering creative compromises that allow you and your family to be happy

  • Feeling confident in your wedding vision and not worrying about regrets

  • Saving money by going down the right path the first time

  • Settling your indecision so you can move forward with wedding planning

Normally: $47

"This guide is invaluable to anyone who has an ounce of uncertainty about what kind of wedding to have!"

How It Works

Step 1:

Get instant access to the guide

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll have immediate access to the Find Your Vibe Wedding Guide.

Step 2:

Take the quiz

Answering the 20+ insightful questions in the quiz will not only lead you to your Find Your Vibe archetype profile, but will also help you think about your day in new ways.

Step 3:

Read Your Archetype Profile

Your archetype profile will point you to your ideal wedding style and is full of tips, ideas, and inspiring stories from real couples to help you craft a day that fits your vibe.

Step 4:

Craft Your Vision

Using expert advice, discerning questions, and a companion workbook, you’ll easily narrow down ideas and create a specific vision for your wedding with a clear path to begin planning.

"The quiz questions were so great and had me thinking about aspects of the wedding that I wouldn't have considered on my own."

43% of couples have regrets about their wedding choices.

Have you thought about what you truly want?

If you choose the wrong kind of wedding for you, you may end up with…

  • Money thrown away on lost deposits or unfulfilling experiences

  • Wasted time planning the wrong kind of celebration

  • A wedding day that doesn't feel like you and totally stresses you out

Instead, use the Find Your Vibe Wedding Guide to:

have a clear vision and make the right choice the first time-- ⏰ saving you time, 💸 money, and 💔 heartache.


“I wish we had”


“I’m so glad we did”

"I wish I had this resource when I was getting married!

I really wish I had this great advice when I planned my wedding. I think it would have really opened my eyes up to the possibilities and helped me stay true to what was best for my personality."

This Guide Includes:

  • An in-depth quiz with 20+ insightful questions & a formula to translate your results into your Find Your Vibe archetype

  • 7 archetype profiles that include:

  • An explanation of what your archetype is

  • Tips and ideas for how to craft a day that fits your vibe

  • Inspiring stories from real couples who had unique weddings just like your archetype

  • Solutions for couples who find themselves needing a creative compromise

  • A workbook & expert advice helping you create a blueprint for a fulfilling wedding experience

Normally: $47

"I love the ideas that are included!

I also liked the range of questions and it got me thinking about what is truly important."

Hi, I'm Joni

My own wedding was one of the most profound and memorable moments of my life, and I want you to experience that too!I want to help you find the best, most fulfilling type of wedding for you and your partner. To create this guide, I tapped into my:

  • 15 years as a wedding and elopement photographer

  • experience working with 100’s of couples and observing which personalities fit each kind of wedding

  • my own perspective as a recent bride having the unique experience of all 3 kinds of weddings (we did a destination elopement/micro wedding + a wedding reception at home!)

The guide is as unbiased as possible because I believe no type of wedding is better than the other, there’s just a perfect one out there for each couple.

Ready to Find Your Wedding Vibe?


Let the Find Your Vibe Wedding Guide be the compass directing you toward the wedding that’s most enjoyable for you.Grab your guide now and be free from unfulfilling experiences, wasted deposits, and difficult decision-making.